What is CB Chance?

CB Chance is the pro bono extension of CheshireBeane. While we feel extremely lucky to work with some great people, and we know there are many projects that we never even hear about because of budgetary concerns. The program is simple. We will take one pro bono client at a time, and give 100% of a project’s time and energy to it as though it were a standard client project. We will take applications from companies/services/organizations who think they fit the criteria of the project and choose one to work with. Once that project is complete we will open the application process again and choose the next recipient. So on and so forth.

Who should apply for CB Chance?

Those who really need it. We’re looking for a worthy cause…someone or something who is making the world better. This could be a service or a product and could be in any industry. This organization does not need to be a non-profit. We want to help out someone who has something great to offer and all of their assets are going towards that.

We know the power of a great brand and we want to help someone tell their story and further their cause.

How do I apply?

Hate filling out forms? Just email us at info@CheshireBeane.com. We’d like to hear directly from applicants via email with answers to the following questions: