Creating a Chameleon

How do you design a brand identity that remains fresh, with a modern appeal that can change just as quickly as the real estate market?

Friends from the Start

Runyon has been a long-time client of CheshireBeane, owning and managing some of the top real estate projects on the west coast. After roughly a year or so working together on some of their real estate developments like One Colorado, and Platform, we persuaded them to take another look at their own branding and they agreed, changes were in order.

Strategic Moves

It was important that we design something that was minimalistic, modern, and classic enough to remain as relevant aesthetic as the real estate market they operate in is ever-changing. Also, we discussed the need for the design to appeal to a wide audience, but we still wanted to find a way to showcase the vibrant personalities found at Runyon.

A One Fits All Design

This design needed to reflect so many aspects of what Runyon does: fashion, design, food, high-end real estate and more. Finding a way illustrate all of this as well as the personalities found at Runyon was challenging, but by no means impossible. We chose a streamlined modern font and neutral color palette, as a starting point to showcase all of the individual projects Runyon is a part of. As a continued partner, we work hard to keep Runyon’s look updated: always introducing new cutting edge photography, presentations for their projects, custom maps, and more. By designing a look that is clean, fresh, and modern, it is easily adaptable to all the different facets of Runyon’s clientele.

A Little Perspective

As a client, Runyon hasn’t been afraid to push the limits on any design or to keep brainstorming until it feels right. We think that is one secret to their success. The other? Partnering with dedicated and talented team of designers like those at CheshireBeane. We too love fashion, food, design, and every incredible experience that brings those things together, and only hope to find more equally matched clients for future projects.

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