The 411 on One Colorado

How do you design an identity for not one business, but a grouping of 17 individual businesses?

One Colorado is a collection of 17 historic buildings housing a curated mix of nationally acclaimed retailers and designers, one-of-a-kind local merchants, inventive restaurants, and a boutique cinema. This special gathering of businesses makes up a full city block in Old Pasadena, California. One Colorado is the retail centerpiece of Old Pasadena and a favorite gathering place for the community with public events hosted year round in their courtyard.


Freshening Up

According to all, both the One Colorado brand and website had grown a bit stale. In all our efforts, we were challenged to give One Colorado a fresh, updated identity. First, with a logo and word mark design to kick off the new look and feel. Next up, a lookbook to attract new tenants. Then, finally, a new website to complete and round out the project.

It’s Not Impossible

The previous logo, word mark and website designs struggled to keep up with modern tools like social media, so our first line of business was to subtly update the logo and word mark with a design that would allow a greater brand presence online. The original wrought iron gate design was given a fresh color palette, for both light and dark applications. The decorative detailing was cleaned up and multiple versions of the logo were made, adjusting the pattern and scale so while viewing each on different platforms it wasn’t noticeable that the mark itself could exist as a rectangle (original design), square or circle. Now, One Colorado has plenty of options for any use they may find for their logo.

In conjunction with our design work, One Colorado was also making efforts to renovate the courtyard and new community events were being planned once the renovations were complete. One Colorado asked us to design a lookbook including the new branding, the renovations, and the new events as a way to entice new tenants. To answer the call we designed a lively lookbook that shared all the details that One Colorado brought to a retailer – an established community with history behind the property.

In the final phase of the project we redesigned the One Colorado website. A specific goal of the website was to let the individual brands bring the site to life with their own imagery and photographs. To everyone’s delight, this plan worked well. A single issue was identified with the previous site design. Customers had no clue that events were happening, nor where to find information on them. In addition to executing the new brand design across the website, we made the event section easier to navigate and formulated a bit of special design work, with each event given exciting illustrations and custom branding – and we still do each month!


Test Results

Finding a way to create a cohesive identity for over 17 businesses wasn’t easy, but very rewarding. Not only have we enjoyed creating the event branding each month, but our lookbook was successful. One Colorado was able to attract Anthropology – opening its first and only location in Pasadena amongst other specialty stores like Sugarfina.

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