The Big Hurdle

When you find yourself in a high profile project, how do you design to include all interests and personalities involved?

Facing the Facts

Situated in Los Angeles’ Downtown eclectic Arts District, One Santa Fe is made up of luxury apartment homes and a carefully curated selection of boutique shops and eateries. All that is combined with a building designed by world-renowned architect Michael Maltzan. Every detail is designed for thriving city life, from rooftop movie theatre to fire pits and pools.


Finding the Approach

With a big name like Michael Maltzan and a huge development initiative in the works it was vital to find a colorful, fresh approach. CheshireBeane has been attached to One Santa Fe from the start. It was clear that a lot of work would be needed to create an identity that covered all of the various needs of the project.


2 is Better than 1

To meet the needs of all parties involved, it was decided that perhaps two separate brands would be required: One for the project in its entirety and another for the main level dining and retail. So in addition to the “One Santa Fe” identity, we created the “Yards at One Santa Fe” for the dining and retail aspect of the project. Then, a long list of deliverables were met in addition to the initial branding: lookbooks, custom maps, initial website, event branding and graphics, building signage, large format graphics for windows to announce tenants, cool wall installations, bike rental graphics, and customized corn hole games for tenants. Every step of the way, we’ve had the opportunity to direct the One Santa Fe brand.


Working in the Public Eye

The biggest hurdle with this project was the sheer number of people involved. Sometimes it was hard to get everyone on board with one brand direction and mission. With so much publicity surrounding the project, there have been a lot of fire drills with advertising, promotions, and marketing. Overall, it has been a fantastic project with a ton of creative freedom to brainstorm and present lots of possible ideas. As the project has grown and evolved, the vibe of the art district is a driving force behind the creative, constantly pushing us to create something new – we love it!

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