The Big Question

How do you reposition a company that has already seen success?


Bunker approached us as a startup that had already landed some big clients. They’d already outgrown their online presence and were looking to extend their reach. A few large projects had earned them a winning reputation, but now they needed branding to match the new level of work they were doing.

Let’s Talk Strategy

Research always helps to initially provide direction for the branding process. Observing the direction competitors are going can help you to create your own unique branding that works in competitive design elements, but also speaks volumes about who your company is on an authentic level. We collected brand research and then sat down with Bunker to investigate the deeper veins of their company. What makes them unique? What is it their clients love about them? What makes Bunker successful? After rooted discussions, one thing stood out and seemed to come up again and again.

Communication is always key. What to say, when and where to say it.





“D” is for Design

It was important for the new look to elevate the existing imagery that Bunker hard worked hard to create. The existing branding work had real backing with current clients who had already formed an authentic connection to the company via the existing work. That’s why when it came to color choices we simply chose a slightly brighter version of the original brand colors. The biggest hurdle came during the website design. Working for the big dogs, Bunker had done all of their biggest projects under non-disclosure agreements (NDA). This prevented Bunker from sharing their beautiful work with the world until it is released to the public, sometimes several years later. We needed to find a way to share their work that didn’t violate the NDAs. We curated images that spoke to the high level goals of the project and coupled it with written content that let readers understand the scope of Bunker’s work. Ultimately, a simple, iconic design was well carried out across all platforms of Bunker’s client facing communication from business cards to blog.


The Results

Looking Back

A branding project for an agency is usually tricky business with plenty of micro-managing and disagreements on strategy. That wasn’t the case with Bunker. By clearly outlining responsibilities at the start, Bunker was able to focus on what they needed to do, while we had the freedom to create the brand they were looking for. A win-win for everyone involved!

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